Resolutions… Goals… things you write down to not follow! But you write them down anyways..

2020 used to be hindsight but not any more. It’s here. I’ll write down my own resolutions for this year here…


  • Continue with my FP journey (Clojure and F#)
  • Keep on learning Rust and Golang
  • (Maybe) look into Ziglang
  • DDD and Software Architecture. I have been reading a lot about it recently and will continue to try to do so. Especially Wlachsinn’s book!


  • Start exercising regularly
  • Eat healthy food normally (it’s fine to eat unhealthy sometimes)
  • Swim!


  • Start a side-project in Rust (embedded??)
  • Start a web Frontend (Clojurescript??) project


I’m sure I’ll miss out on some things and do some right… Fingers crossed.