I use Vim a lot. And if you’re a productive user of Vim, you will definitely appreciate the following remaps:

  • ESC: I have remapped the Escape key to CAPSLOCK. Who uses CapsLock? ESC on the other hand is a Vim user’s go-to reflex. So keep it close-by.
  • ESC+HJKL: For navigation. Why would you use muscles to move over to the arrow keys when you have them under your fingers.


xmodmap can be used to modify these key settings. But I think it will only work for X-sessions.

I found dconf/org/gnome/desktop/input-sources/xkb-options to be a much more solid solution.

Under xkb-options you can put a “Custom value” like: ['caps:swapescape'] (note: syntax is important!!)

Windows Note

By far the best and most reliable key remapper on Windows is sharpkeys (randyrants/sharpkeys).