Pod Networks

It is natural that to get your first k8s cluster running you’d want to remove the taint from the master node and use it as the cluster (i.e. a single-node cluster). The first thing that a person would do is not set the kubelet network plugin (–network-plugin=cni). It’s certainly what I did wrong.

The problem is you don’t see the problem until later because the orchestrator will use docker’s default networking which would quickly fail in a more-than-one node cluster. So, it’s best practice to immediately apply a pod network!!

Device Sharing

What if you want to orchestrate the usage of resources (like GPU, audio, crypto) using Kubernetes? Its best practice to create a device plugin. NVIDIA has a k8s-device-plugin for it’s GPUs. If this plugin isn’t used, you basically end up having to install NVIDIA drivers inside the docker container and hope the host’s version of the driver is exactly the same and share the devices with the container.

This is more elegant. Do it!